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    Wild Rift: League

    Greetings to the Hardworking Admin of WildRiftLegends,

    I am one of the admins in WildRiftLeague
    Since we are both hyping the Wild Rift Community for its future soon,
    I will be offering you a proposal to let our site grow and at the same time helping the Wild Rift Community grow. We should work together as partners instead of a competition to both grow our sites too.

    How about we exchange links as partners for now?
    We add your site URL in WildRiftLeague footer as a partner and the same goes to WildRiftLegends.

    I found the owner of WildRiftEsports too.
    I hope we all work together as one since we all have the same first name of “WildRift” just like a family name lol.

    Legends focus on information game mechanics. Guides, Wikis, and Champions.
    League focuses on Community League Tournament as the Home of Legends.
    Esports focus on Esports News. Broadcasting from local to international covering the Wild Rift: League.

    I hope that the admin of WildRiftEsports also read this.

    Instead of saying may the best man win. I will be saying, let us all grow together!

    Wild Rift: League

    The date in ICANN registry in who.is is telling something lol

    WildRiftLegends.com: 05/30
    WildRiftEsports.com: 05/31
    WildRiftLeague.com: 06/01


    For sure buddy. I would love that. And maybe you could help us with some content cos for sure you’re gonna have the pro players as members. 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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