In multiple online battle arena or MOBA games, there are a lot of features within the game that make it unique while there are others that have been embedded in the game that it has become a staple. One such key feature is the use of wards. Warding is a key element in most MOBA games. In a map that is mostly dark and riddled with bushes and fog of war, warding is key to winning the game.

Wards provide vision and vision to provide information. In Wild Rift, warding is a key element that should be practiced by all players especially the support and jungler. Vision plays a huge role in this game and it can win or lose the game itself. This is one of the countless reasons why Wild Rift is such a complex and layered game even on mobile standards.

Why place wards?

Some might say that wards barely have any function in the game however, that might be the last thing you would want to say in this game. Warding provides a lot of information in a game where roaming junglers and objective control can help win the game. The following are a few reasons why warding matters in Wild Rift:

Prevent ganks

Vision is key in this game. In the laning phase, wards provide vision that will help you see a jungler that is about to gank your lane. The minimap should tell you this information hence checking the minimap after every minion kill is a skill that players need to learn. Through warding, you deter a gank that might end up having a big impact on your laning phase and to the game itself.

Imagine yourself as a level 2 Annie against a level 2 Ahri without any wards. The enemy Graves jumps in for a surprise gank and burst you down with the help of Ahri setting up a Charm. The worst part is you also use your Flash and your Ignite to try and get a kill but alas, you used them for nothing. As you go back to the lane, Ahri is now level 4 and about to hit level 5 with ultimate skill and you are still level 2 and farming under your tower.

This could have been avoided if a ward has been placed near the jungle entrance or in the river to prevent any ganks from the jungler. Take note that this is also applicable in both the Dragon and Baron laners.

Objective control

Wild Rift is a game that is based on skill and objective control. There are certain areas and monsters in the map placed strategically to help provide an advantage for the team. Examples of these objectives are Rift Herald, Dragons, Baron Nashor, Blue and Red Buff, and even the Scuttler. Never underestimate the speed shrine provided by Scutters in the river as it allows junglers and mid laners to speed up their path towards a gank in other lanes.

Wards are useful to control these very important objectives in the game. They are used so that every member of the team will know the whereabouts of the enemy team. Junglers can see if the enemy team is gearing towards the Dragon or Rift Herald thus allowing you to group up and contest the objective thus resulting in a great team fight.

Secure kills

Through the use of wards, teams can also help secure a kill. Players can place a ward around a certain area and if an enemy unknowingly passes through, you as a team can surround or collapse on the enemy to secure a kill. This often happens when you have a coordinated team or simply have a jungler that likes to pick on the enemy.


While warding provides a lot of benefits to the team, dewarding or the process of removing a ward through the use of a red trinket or oracle lens can also help counter the effects of wards on the map. If you have wards to provide information, dewarding will help the team remove that information from the enemy.

Who should focus on warding/dewarding?

Usually, supports and at a certain phase in the game, the junglers should transition to using the oracle lens around the mid-game to remove wards as much as possible. This way, you can roam around the map and secure a lot of kills and objectives as the enemy team remains blind on your whereabouts. This is where you should be winning the team through the use and the removal of vision.


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