The first-ever Alpha Patch Notes has been released and it is doubling down on the Marksman dominance with nerfs coming down on Vayne and Jinx while buffing Ezreal. We will discuss how each buff and nerfs including the Watchlist affect the game so far.



Gragas is running out of mana pretty quickly, and his full ability combo felt a little on the weak side, so we’re buffing his mana regen, (1) Barrel Roll, and (2) Drunken Rage to get him back in the happy hour spirit.
Mana Regen :: 12 >>> 15
Mana Regen per level :: 0.7 per level >>> 0.9 per level
(1) Barrel Roll AP ratio :: 0.7 >>> 0.8
(1) Barrel Roll cooldown :: 11/10/9/8s >>> 9.5/8.5/7.5/6.5s
(2) Drunken Rage AP ratio :: 0.5 >>> 0.65

Lowering the cooldown on Barrell Roll or his Q means that he can slow more often and regenerate his health faster using his passive. The increase in the AP ratio of Drunken Rage or his W will ultimately make his clear faster as this is his bread and butter jungling skill.

Verdict: Expect more ganks from Gragas around level 3 onwards.


Ezreal’s underperforming because his “Blue Build” isn’t giving him much damage, and he’s getting outclassed by basic-attacking marksmen. We’re updating his recommended items and runes, and buffing (1) Mystic Shot, his main damage output ability.
Default recom. items: Muramana / TriForce / Ionian Boots + Quicksilver / BotRK / Infinity Edge / Mortal Reminder
Recom. runes: Conqueror / Gathering Storm / Regeneration / Manaflow Band
(1) Mystic Shot damage :: 15/50/85/120 >>> 30/65/100/135
(1) Mystic Shot AD ratio :: 1.1 >>> 1.2

This buff to Ezreal’s Q might be a bit too early as players are still learning to aim through using the dual-stick controls. As soon as players get the hang of his skillshots, he will begin to dominate the laning phase.

Verdict: Most likely overtuned once players learn or practice his skillshots later on.



Yi has truly mastered the power of Wuju and is an unstoppable tank-melting, split-pushing terror, so we’re taking a chunk out of his attack damage per level, as well as the damage gained via (3) Wuju Style.
AD per level :: 4.55 >>> 3.6
(3) Wuju Style active AD ratio :: 0.35 >>> 0.25

Master Yi’s dominance in split pushing is due to his Alpha Strike and ultimate skill along with the weaker tower defenses. However, the nerf on his AD per level and the active on his third skill should stall his power spike a bit.

Verdict: Master Yi players will need to secure more kills early on to reach his power spike faster. The items he gets from kills will help him recover from this nerf.


Vayne’s mobility and kiting, as well as her late-game damage, is making her scarier than intended. We still think Vayne’s identity as a late-game carry is important to her playstyle, but she should probably have to work harder to get there.
(2) Silver Bolts active Attack Speed :: 45/60/76/90% >>> 40/45/50/55%
(Ult) Final Hour cooldown:: 80/70/60s >>> 100/80/60s

Probably one of the major nerfs in this patch is Vayne’s active attack speed. By reducing it to almost half in the later levels, Vayne gets to proc his Silver Bolts less and by increasing the cooldown on her ultimate skill by 20 seconds in the early stages should give Vayne players a bit of strategy on when to pull the trigger to get kills, earn gold, and build those items.

Verdict: Vayne should be taken down from S Tier with this kind of nerf.


Jinx was getting a little TOO excited, so we’re scaling back her attack speed per level.
Attack Speed per level :: 0.022 >>> 0.007

Jinx’s issue in the late game is that her passive gets procced multiple times and can easily let her traverse the map and chase down fleeing opponents. The nerf to her attack speed will only affect her early game but as she builds attack and movement speed items, she should be able to recover.

Verdict: It would have been better to hit the movement speed or the duration of her passive as it is quite problematic in such a very small map like Wild Rift. A very tame nerf for Jinx players.

We’ve seen your feedback around towers feeling weak, so we’re increasing tower stats when they’re backdoored, or taken in quick succession. So far, we’re pretty happy with Wild Rift’s average game length (around 17 mins); we’ll be watching these changes closely.
Backdoor Bonus Tower Damage :: 10% >>> 20%
Backdoor Bonus Tower Damage Reduction :: 66% >>> 75%
Domino Bonus (temporary damage reduction after previous tower destroyed) :: 35% >>> 50%

The changes made with the towers are targetted mostly against backdoor. With the increase in tower damage and damage reduction, champions like Jax and Master Yi in the late game should think twice to backdoor.

With the current Domino Bonus change, taking towers and pushing towards the inner tower should be held off as it would be difficult to take down the inner turret with this buff. This makes for a longer mid-game with teams running around the map looking for kills and extending the game for a few more minutes. Players would have also time to react to shoving the minion wave and protect the inner tower which may also contribute to delaying the game even further.

Verdict: Expect more mid-game roaming action for higher ELO games while lower ELO games should still be the same.

Finally, here are a few things we’re currently looking at for future changes (but no promises!):
We’re seeing junglers level up very quickly, and we’re keeping an eye on their ability to outscale laners.

This is an interesting take on junglers as Riot might want to have the same cadence with the PC counterpart. Junglers should offer ganks in certain power spikes in level. By delaying a bit of experience in the jungle, certain junglers will have to clear more to get to their required level for ganking which may cause some disparity in some junglers. This will end up hurting junglers like Gragas where his power spike comes in at level 3 instead of junglers like Vi who can gank by level 2.


Feedback from Blitz players (and opponents) suggests his (1) Rocket Fist is a little too reliable in lane.

Blitzcrank’s hook had a slight advantage when playing Blue Side as his hook is on the right side. With Wild Rift and the mirrored map, Red Side Blitzcrank now also has the same slight advantage which makes him a bit more reliable than before. Not sure how they would be changing this but the guess is, they would either increase the cooldown and/or mana cost of the hook or shortening the length of the hook to address this concern.

Increasing the cooldown and/or increasing the mana cost is much preferred as it lets skilled and dedicated Blitzcrank players hit their targets while lessening practicing players from spamming his hook. Shortening the length of the hook would mean he needs to expose himself to get in reach or risk of never using his hook during laning phase.


Nami’s crowd control seems strong – we’re watching her ability to lock down key targets with relative ease.

The smaller map means her Tidal Wave will hit all enemies during team fights and this can easily turn the tides of battle. 😉


Marksmen are feeling incredibly powerful as players get used to dual-stick controls, basic attacks, kiting, etc. For the same reason, we’re seeing Jhin UNDERperform due to his reload downtime.

This is most likely due to Jhin’s ammo system where he can only fire a set of four bullets at a time. Increasing his base damage or the crit value of his fourth bullet might help him or increasing the movement speed from his crit should give him more mobility.


Jax is running away with many games by split pushing to victory, forcing teams to send multiple members to stop him. We’re hoping the tower changes address his dominance, but we’re keeping an eye on him for future changes.

Please see Yi. 🤣 Just kidding. The same as Yi, Jax can split push and duel anyone who dares to challenge him when split pushing. They could either increase the cooldown from his leap or lowering his AD ratios. Another would be to lower his movement speed so he does not get to roam around the map and get kills or split push faster.

With that said, what are the changes in Wild Rift that you like? Comment them below and let us know if you like the format. Please note that these are only the opinion of the writer and it is not yet backed by researched data.

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